Armenia: A collection of materials 'Hot ecological spots through the eyes of journalists' is published

Source: Arminfo, 2007-07-30

A collection "Hot ecological spots through the eyes of journalists" has been published, where the results of press's and society's years-lasting fight vandalism against the environment of Armenia. The book was published by the support of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). The materials of journalist- members of the journalists' club "Ekolur" were compiled during the last two years, but global ecological problems, which have been impossible to be solved during more than ten years, found place in them.

Bogging of Lake Sevan and illegal site-development of its shores filled with tailing dams with numerous gold-bearing and polymetallic mines, river pollution with toxic materials and illegal activity on the territory of reserves and wildlife sanctuaries remain among such problems. The materials of "ArmInfo" news agency, of the "Hayastany Hanrapetutyn" newspaper, of "Kentron" TV company and of a range of regional mass media are included in the collection.

A special place in the collection is given to photos of "hot spots", where the felling problem in the northern forests of Armenia (in Tavush and Lori regions), site-development on the shores of Lake Sevan and the territories around the tailing dams in Syunik and Lori regions contaminated with toxic substances are vividly shown. The collection may serve as a unique guide for beginner ecologists and the journalists, who wish to cover ecological problems, since information about the flora and fauna of Armenia, as well as about the environmental risk factors are included here. The collection will be distributed among regional libraries and those in Yerevan, the ecological educational Centers of "Orkhus", as well as to NGOs and public authorities of the country. The creation of a network of ecology journalists, called to react operatively and inform their colleagues about environmental threats whenever necessary will be the continuation of the cooperation of journalists representing different mass media of the country.