U.S.,Georgia agree on fight against nuke smuggling

Georgian Foreign Minister Gela Bezhuashvili and the ambassador of the U.S. in Georgia John Teft signed an agreement, which aims improvement of the fight against the smuggling of nuclear materials in Georgia.

The document aims to equip relevant offices with necessary accessories, to exchange of information between Georgian and U.S. relevant offices, to monitor the former military bases in Georgia and to store the discovered radioactive substances adequately.

The American side takes responsibility to train Georgian experts. Georgia and the United States decided to sign this document after the first uranium smuggling case in Georgia. The uranium was smuggled from Russia and the experts found out it was 90% enriched, i.e., it was a bomb-grade uranium.

Bezhuashvili and Teft said after signing the document that Russia should also join such international programs.

The Georgian Times (Rustavi2), 02-02-2007