Azerbaijan: NGO state support concept is confirmed

Source: Social-Ecological Agency “SANIYA”, 2007-07-28

Concept of state support for Azerbaijan non-governmental organizations has been approved by Azerbaijan president Ilham Aliyev, the order was signed on July 27, 2007. By this order head of the country obliged president apparatus in two month to develop structure in the competence of which will be issues regarding NGO and support foundation. Responsible for the realization of this statement Azerbaijan president entrusted apparatus of the president. The order of the president foresees establishment of the support foundation, plus financing. The order presumes to reduce dependence of national NGO on international organizations.

State will support NGOs in various fields, such as: information, consultation, methodology, technique and finances. As leaders of various active Azerbaijan NGOs consider, this document is significant step in supporting of Azerbaijan civil society development. This process should be supported as from the governmental structures as well as from the commercial sector.