“Ameria” to conduct researches and elaboration of plans managing traffic in Yerevan

Source: ARKA, 2007-07-23

The Armenian consulting Company “Ameria” will implement research and elaboration of plans managing transport traffic in Yerevan. The Company said that “Ameria” CJSC in cooperation with WYG International (UK) was contracted by the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Armenia to manage the Traffic Safety and Management Project financed by the World Bank.

“To address the existing and near term traffic and safety issues in Yerevan “Ameria” and WYG International will execute a series of traffic research, assessment and management planning tasks in close cooperation with the city administration,” the Company reported. It is expected that the World Bank project will finance approximately $7-10 million worth of investments in Yerevan under the Armenia Traffic Management and Traffic Safety Project.

“Ameria” CJSC pointed out improvements to and expansion of the Yerevan traffic signaling system to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety is expected to consume most of the available funds. The other two components for investments will be supporting geometric improvements to high-risk intersections and road signing and marking.

At present it is estimated that there are approximately 160,000 registered motor vehicles in Yerevan with about 125 vehicles per 1,000 persons. As the economy of Armenia rapidly improves, motor vehicle ownership in Yerevan may be increasing by as much as 20,000 vehicles per year.

At this rate the motor vehicle fleet in Yerevan could easily double in 8 years or less, and if the experience in other rapidly developing countries is any guide, the fleet could even triple the present size within a decade or soon thereafter.

Within the scope of the project “Ameria” and WIG International will formulate and implement city wide “Traffic Management Policy”, including priority policy programs for action and a 5-year investment plan; analyze and evaluate all traffic and accident data to enable trends to be identified, problems quantified and traffic management plans and improvements to be prepared.

Besides, it is planned to elaborate, install and maintain all traffic control devices including traffic signal computer controlled systems, road markings, road signs and enforcement devices (cameras etc.); formulate traffic and parking regulations to realize the proposed Traffic Management Plans and Improvements, for enactment by city administration and for enforcement by the traffic police.

“Ameria” CJSC is a group of professional services companies registered in Armenia with the objective to provide a comprehensive package of professional advisory and assurance services. “Ameria” specializes in four major areas of professional activities: management advisory services; assurance and advisory services; legal advisory services; investment banking. Established in 1998, the company has become a leader in the Armenian market of advisory services bringing an international reach and local touch to complex issues rising in more than 30 industry sectors.