Live testimonies from the Global South and a presentation of the conclusions from the Public Hearing on the World Bank (The Hague, 15th
of October 2007)

Date: October 16
Time: 19.00 hs.
Venue: The CREA, Turfdraagsterpad 17, Amsterdam (Muziekzaal)

The World Bank is being criticised more strongly than ever for imposing
harmful economic conditions that increase rather than reduce poverty;
for environmental devastation; for contributing to conflict; and for
failing to respect local peoples' rights.

This fall the European governments will decide upon refinancing the
Bank. We demand an end to the financing of the World Bank by the Dutch

Organisers: A SEED Europe, Friends of the Earth International,

For more info, call 020 668 2236 (A SEED), or email

What is the Public Hearing?

World Bank Campaign Europe is calling European governments to channel
their funding away from the Bank. The Public Hearing (Oct 15) in the
Hague will gather witnesses from all Southern continents to give
testimony of the impacts of World Bank policies and practices,
especially in the areas of conditionalities and fossil fuel project
funding. Well-known and respected experts will listen to testimonies
from all parts of the world about the impact of World Bank financing and
ask questions.

The conclusions of the Hearing will put donor governments under pressure
to set more precise objectives for how taxpayers’ aid money should be
spent, and to audit performance on a regular basis. The documentation of
the Hearing will also provide a solid source to feed an intensive debate
about the future of the organisation, the current development model and
potential alternatives.