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From other media

Radiation Promoting Disease In the Samckhe-Javakheti Region in Georgia - 19-12-07
Georgia: Sliding towards Authoritarianism? - 19-12-07
NGOs brand EIB the weakest link in EU development aid efforts - 12/12/07
Armenia’s union of greens: If Teghut mine developed “dead zone” to occur around - 12/12/07
Human Rights violations in Georgia - 18/10/07
WORLD vs. BANK I - A public hearing on the World Bank - 01/10/07
WORLD vs. BANK II- Live testimonies from the Global South and a presentation of the conclusions from the Public Hearing on the World Bank - 01/10/07
Some 1,500 local and international organizations for saving Tekhut forest in Lori region, Armenia - 22/08/07
Radioactive Material Found at ex-Russian Base - 16/08/07
What is the Quality of Tbilisi Air? - 13/08/07
Armenia: A collection of materials 'Hot ecological spots through the eyes of journalists' is published- 30/07/07
Azerbaijan: NGO state support concept is confirmed- 28/07/07
“Ameria” to conduct researches and elaboration of plans managing traffic in Yerevan - 23/07/07
Who profits from deforestation?- 27/06/07
Adjara at risk: Turkish dam project threatens coastline - 25/05/07
Forest reform draw's fire from NGOs and World Bank- 14/05/07
Save the Georgian Forests (CENN protest action) - 01/05/07
Georgia Leases Forests, Amid Protests - 01/05/07

From Falkor
Spuiten en slikken in de Kaukasus; Jongeren-trainingsproject van een jaar start in Groningen (Dutch press release of the Close To Me project) - 27/08/07
Biking Beyond Borders Goes East- 27/06/06
Falkor presentation in Simplon- March 2005
"Orphaned Sources": What happens to radioactive waste in Georgia?- November 2003