1. Falkor “contact agency”
-locating active members of NGOs and inspired individuals, encourage, guide and train them in cooperation in the international network
-connect NGOs with each other to forge partnerships

2. Falkor “volunteer-job-center”
We implement exchange projects under the YOUTH program of the EU (mainly “east-west” oriented projects) and send volunteers/ participants to projects implemented by other NGOs:
-EVS: young persons gain experience by volunteering for 6-12 months in an NGO in another country, while the host organisations benefit from the skills, energy, new ideas and inspiration of the volunteers.
-young people visit another country or host a group of foreigners during one or two weeks and exchange knowledge, satisfy curiosity, do practical tasks, perhaps some action and relax!

3. Falkor “info-centre”
-publishing and distributing news especially covering issues concerning youth, environment, human rights, independent media, anti-racism, tolerance and youth culture
-publishing information about activities, conferences, meetings in Europe and Caucasus on our website and in our newsletters to encourage and guide young people from Europe and
Caucasus to join in such events
-providing online information not only with various ‘serious’ links, articles and reports, but also about cultural life and activities in other countries (music, films, theatre, literature,small-scale tourism and more…)
-producing and and distributing video documentaries about the above mentioned subjects in Europe and Caucasus

4. Falkor “online-support
-facilitating the sending of support letters by fax or e-mail via our network of NGOs and media in case of pressing issues, in co-operation with the involved NGOs/ activists