'Aerials': Groningen, Odense, Tbilisi, Yerevan: local heroes come together
Rock music exchange project in Netherlands

The video clip of a Young Georgian Lolitaz song recorded in Groningen during the project

The first part of the youth exchange project 'Aerials' in Netherlands with in total more then 30 participants from Netherlands, Denmark, Georgia and Armenia, taken place in Netherlands from 16-26 September 2004, has been very succesful.
The young rock musicians and film makers came together in the city of Groningen and in mixed groups they made new songs, video clips and performed at the end of their stay. The final concert took place on Friday 24 September in ‘Simplon’, Groningen. The night before they played in the ‘ORKZ’.
Also on Friday 24 September some participants performed live at the local radio station ‘OOG’-radio.
The audience was surprised to see and hear such a special combination of traditional and modern pop music from western Europe and Caucasus!

These 10 days formed a basis for future cooperation between the participants from the four countries and between concert organizers and the musicians of the different countries.
We intend to organize the second part of the exchange project next year in autumn in Georgia. The Caucasus Center of Contemporary Art will be the host organization and plans to organize a festival in Tbilisi in which the Danish, Dutch and Armenian participants will be invited.

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See also www.myspace.com/younggeorgianlolitaz

About the participants:
From Georgia we welcomed in Groningen among others members from Young Georgian Lolitaz, Bakur Burduli and Madi Serebriakova, from Armenia The Kings' Cross, Alter Ego, Belka and Forever Child. Denmark has been represented by the band Cinnober. From Groningen members from Go! Revolution Go!, JetSetReady, Believe is a Doubt and Sjunya joined the project.

About the organizers:
The project in Groningen has been organized by Falkor I.C.Y. (initiator),‘Groningen One World’ and ‘Groverpop’.
Groningen One World is experienced in organizing international cultural youth exchanges, with young artists from Eastern and Western Europe.
Groverpop is the organization promoting and supporting the Groningen pop-scene. Groverpop offers free concerts of Groningen bands under the name 'Local Heroes'.
The partner organizations abroad are ‘Caucasus Center of Contemporary Art’ from Georgia, ‘Ynternet.org’ from Armenia and ‘Odense Youth House’ (‘Ungdomshuset’ ) from Denmark.

The project is funded by the EU Youth program and the city authorities of Groningen.

'Aerials' is the name of a popular song by System of a Down (famous Armenian/ American rock band): ‘Aerials, in the sky, when you lose small mind, you free your life.’

Aerials group

Links to participants

Falkor (Netherlands)
Groverpop (Netherlands)
Groningen One World (Netherlands)
Caucasus Center of Contemporary Art (Georgia)
Ynternet.org (Armenia)

Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia)
Cinnober (Denmark)
The Kings' Cross (Armenia)

24-Hours 04/10/04 (Georgian daily newspaper)
Kakadu magazine 6-12 Oct. 2004 (Georgian cultural magazine)
Dagblad v/h Noorden 14/09/04 (Dutch daily newspaper)
De Krant van Groningen 08/09/04 (Dutch weekly local newspaper))
24-Hours 13/02/04 Georgian daily newspaper)
-in Georgian
-in English

Download videos here:
Aerials part I - preparation and videoclips(16 min, 64 mb)
Aerials part II - concerts (8 min , 33 mb)
Videoclip young georgian lolitaz (4 mb)